Protect and Retain Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Employees

Choosing Zoī for your employees is an invaluable benefit on a personal level for employees and on the organizational level for the company. Offering your employees a personalized preventive health journey can help them quickly and concretely improve their quality of life and healthspan, while creating a powerful lever for retention and long-term performance for the company. The Zoī expérience includes a 4-hour Check-Up and a 12 month-membership to the Zoī app and your personalized Follow-Up program that makes all the difference.

Looking after their health

through the analysis of thousands of data points.

Optimizing their performance

daily, with a personalized action plan in the Zoī app.

Strengthening their commitment

by providing an unparalleled experience in an exceptional setting.

Zoī, the Clarity of Preventive Medicine

Journey Overview
  • Complete Check-Up

  • 12 months access to your personalized Follow-Up Program via the Zoī app

€3,000excl. tax
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Zoī Meets 4 Key Employee Expectations

  • 01
    Zero Time Wasted

    The Zoī Check-Up is optimized for the executive's schedule. At our Check-Up Center, located in the heart of Paris, there are no waiting rooms and little to no waiting time. The Medical team conducts the Check-Up in the member's personal suite, which means that the full battery of tests and evaluations can be completed in less than 4 hours.

  • 02
    A Connected Experience

    Zoī provides a seamless digital experience for your employees before and after their Check-Up, no matter where they are. Our app lets members book visits, guides at-home preparation, centralizes results and reports, offers ongoing physician access, and personalized recommendations. The Results Review, where physicians discuss the Check-Up outcomes and action plans, can also be done remotely.

  • 03
    Guaranteed Confidentiality

    Zoī ensures confidentialy of results on two levels. Firstly, employees results are personal and confidential, and therefore never shared with their company. Secondly, Zoī uses military-grade AES-256-GCM encryption to maximize data security both at rest and in transit.

  • 04
    An Extraordinary Experience

    Zoī reinvents the Check-Up experience. Every detail, from the signature scent to the soundtrack to the tasting menu, is crafted to reduce anxiety related to medical exams, making the experience enjoyable and unique. This is key to driving better health outcomes for our members: by associating preventive health with positive emotions, we kindle their desire to actively engage in a new approach to their health.