From Prosaic to Predictive Medicine

Science shows most chronic diseases—heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes—are preventable with the right habits.* Yet, generic and conflicting advice on diet, sleep, and exercise leaves many adrift. The result? A healthspan of just 63 years, followed by 20 years of decline, limiting life's enjoyment. **

To help everyone implement the latest of preventive medicine into their daily lives, Zoī has developed a comprehensive Check-Up. This goes beyond traditional screening by identifying existing conditions and much more.

Our medical protocol, designed with internationally renowned specialists, harnesses extensive data to detect and decode subtle signals. By deeply analyzing and cross-referencing this information, we gain unparalleded insights into your body's functions. Identifying specific risks early allows us to craft your personalized lifestyle plan, leading to transformative improvements in your quality of life and extending your healthspan.

Over time, the Follow-Up is what makes the difference. Leveraging the latest advancements in medicine, data science, and behavioral science, physicians at Zoī curate individualized action plans. These ensure that recommendations are clearly communicated, fully understood, and readily accepted, paving the way for successful implementation and lasting impact.

Zoī is a mission-driven company.* Our mission is to transform preventive medicine and make it accessible to all. With the launch of our first center in November 2023, we're rapidly expanding to democratize and bring the future of healthcare to all. *Zoī has achieved the official status of "entreprise de mission" in France, which is a specific legal framework awarded to companies with measurable social and environmental goals. **

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