Our Service

Zoī services are carefully designed and accessible to individuals aged 18 and over, seeking a comprehensive preventive assessment and personalized lifestyle recommendations.

Zoī's services are grounded in preventive medicine and are not intended to treat chronic diseases. If you have a chronic illness, it is best to consult your primary care physician. However, having a chronic condition does not prevent you from benefiting from a Zoī preventive Check-Up, in addition to your treatment.

Preventive medicine is inherently comprehensive, covering all aspects of individual lifestyle and well-being. Thus, the medical disciplines it encompasses are diverse, ranging from general medicine to cardiology, ophthalmology, endocrinology, ENT, gastroenterology, gynecology, and other specialties.

Yes, our program includes a personalized Follow-Up program between Check-Ups via our app, which helps you implement your physician's recommendations. Each year, you will return to the Check-Up center to measure your progress.

The physicians and medical staff at Zoī are highly qualified healthcare professionals with specific training and experience in preventive medicine.

Yes, our services are available in French and English.

No, physician consultations are available only as as part of the full Check-Up journey.


You can, of course, access and download all your data at any time in the Zoī app. To find out more about how we collect and use your data, as well as more information about your rights, you can consult our Privacy Notice.

We have implemented strict security measures, including encryption and pseudonymization mechanisms, to prevent unauthorized access and protect your identity. For more details on how we protect your personal and health data, see our Privacy Notice.

In accordance with the law, all of your data are hosted on servers within the European Economic Area by a certified health data host (“Hébergeurs de Données de Santé” - HDS).

You are the exclusive owner of your health data, and we handle it with the utmost care. It will never be sold and will only be shared with the healthcare professionals responsible for your Zoī preventive Check-Up journey, partner laboratories, and our service providers strictly necessary for conducting the check-up, in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

If you give your explicit consent, and only in this case, the data collected during your Check-Up will be used for research projects in the field of health, for public interest purposes. It will never be monetised. To find out more about how we collect and process your personal and health data, please consult our Privacy Notice.

No, we do not and will never sell any of your data. Your health data is only shared with the healthcare professionals following your Zoī preventive journey, partner laboratories, and our service providers strictly necessary for conducting the Check-Up. Your medical data and lifestyle information you agree to share through the app will be pseudonymized throughout the process to protect your identity. For more information on how we collect and use your personal and health data, please refer to our Privacy Notice.


Zoī Vendōme is located at 12 rue Volney, in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris.

Currently, all Check-Ups take place at the Vendōme center in Paris and last about 4 hours. The rest of the support included in the Zoī membership can be done remotely.

To meet the growing demand for preventive medicine services, we plan to open other Check-uU centers, particularly outside of France. We'll keep you informed of these projects.


You can subscribe to our services by or directly on our website.

To subscribe as a company, you can contact us at commercial@zoi.com or fill out the request form here. We'll be happy to provide you with more information.

Currently, the membership cost is directly covered by the subscribing client. It's unlikely that this cost will be reimbursed, partially or entirely, by health insurance, but we encourage you to check with your insurer to confirm.


We're available to answer your requests. If you encounter any problems or have a question, you can write to us directly at contact@zoi.com.

Zoī comes from ancient Greek “zoi,” which means “life.”