After the Check-Up...

The Follow-Up

From a generic approach to a hyper-personalized approach to prevention **

Everyone knows that a healthy diet, exercise and sleep are essential for good health. Today, thanks to advancements in medical science and data science, it is possible to hyper-personalize the approach to prevention. By leveraging thousands of data points collected during our comprehensive Check-Up, the Zoī medical protocol identifies the specific health risks each individual faces to provide specific health insights and tailor personalized action plans.

Personalized Diagnostics

The secret of preventive medicine is to integrate all medical specialities into a holistic diagnosis **

Zoī at the vanguard of preventive medicine **

The translation of new medical discoveries into practice is extremely slow: on average it takes 17 years. This is why our medical technology suite is so important as it enables physicians at Zoī to constantly update their own practice. Continuously enriched by leading medical experts and the most renowned scientific publications, your personal diagnostics and recommendations are at the vanguard of preventive medicine. **

Sophisticated technology at your service

With Zoī, sophisticated technology is at your service, helping create a personalized guide to understanding and caring for your own body.

Green L, Ottoson J, García C, Hiatt R Diffusion theory and knowledge dissemination, utilization, and integration in public health. Annu Rev Public Health 2009

Your Body's First Instruction Manual

Four to six weeks after your comprehensive Check-Up, you'll be invited to a review session where your physician will present your results and your personalized action plan.

Your Results Review at Zoī
Personalized Life Objectives

Each Check-Up can result in dozens of micro-recommendations. Your physician will prioritize them and present them as clear goals covering all aspects of your lifestyle: sleep, nutrition, physical activity, pollution exposure, as well as prescribe additional medical exams, if necessary.

Follow-up for Concrete Results

Zoī's Follow-Up support doesn't stop there. The only way to see improvement in your health outcomes is by actually making changes in your lifestyle. This is an essential part of the Follow-Up.

The Zoī app becomes your everyday guide.

Our app offers a centralized and easy-to-use platform for you to access your personal medical results and reports, to communicate with your doctor, and to prompt you on a daily basis to help you implement your personalized actions. **

01.Your Report

Your personalized action plan is based on your results and provides concrete, easily actionable recommendations, covering all aspects of prevention, from nutrition to sleep to exercise and other lifestyle choices.

02.The Life Journal

The Life Journal seamlessly integrates into your daily routine to deliver your personalized recommendations at the most opportune times and in the most effective format to prompt you to take action. That’s the magic of behavioral science.

Cardiac coherence
03.The Tools

The Zoī app offers a comprehensive solution to take action based on the recommendations provided by your physician and track progress towards your preventive health goals. No need to juggle between apps to track your diet, measure your physical activity, find a moment for mindfulness, or plan your intermittent fasting.