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All the members of our team, from our tech devs to our office manager, from our QA engineers to our data scientists, from doctors to our product managers, from our head of real estate to our behavioral experts and many more, share the same astonishment: every single object you can buy comes with a thick user guide, but none of us have one for our body.

building zoī

This is what bonds us: the common goal of crafting that user manual, personalized for each and every one of us. This will trigger the greatest positive impact for as many people as possible by giving everyone the keys to drastically improve their quality of life and healthspan, and indirectly change the lives of their relatives and close ones.

Building Zoī requires bringing together 3 vastly different domains:

  • Medical: we’re gathering cutting-edge knowledge from world-class doctors, and delivering it to our members with our unique holistic approach
  • Data Science: we’re continuously updating and optimizing our knowledge base, in close relation with the tracking of our members’ progress
  • BeSci: as we want people to actually implement the personalized recommendations we provide them with, it has to come in a way that will make their adoption obvious, deeper and sustainable thanks to behavioral sciences

We thank our initial members who by purchasing a high-end service will end up funding the heavy investments that are needed to make the Zoī framework affordable to billions of people. We will not rest until the latter is done.


Stéphane Bancel

CEO, Moderna
"In full continuity with the very high-impact entrepreneurial approach that I have always sought, I found in Zoī a missing keystone in reaching a truly preventive health system, which requires a holistic experience, both digital and physical, integrating new medical discoveries."

Jean-claude Marian

Founder, Orpea
"As a doctor, founder and former head of a large group of health facilities, I was very sensitive to the innovative and medically-advanced dimensions of Zoī and its team, and particularly to its multifaceted approach, that includes the opening of one-of-a-kind locations, to further optimize preventive medicine, medicine of the future."

Christian dargnat


Emmanuel Goldstein

Investment Banker

Hassanein Hiridjee

CEO, Axian Group

Patrick Levy-Waitz



Messier & Associés

Jean MOUeix


xavier niel

Founder, Iliad

rodolphe saadé

Chairman & CEO, CMA CGM

Founding team

Ismaël Emélien

CEO & Co-Founder
Co-Founder of En Marche and former special advisor to President Macron, Ismaël headed the strategy of the successful 2017 presidential campaign and played a defining role in the revolution of user experience in politics - taking down a 60-year-old binary political system.
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Paul Dupuy

An entrepreneur since his youngest age, Paul was responsible for the launch of Fancy (115M$+ raised) in Europe, and then co-founded Workwell, a proptech startup that provided the largest real estate companies in the world with a tenant experience app.
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Cédric Carbone

Founding CTO
A data science pioneer, Cédric has led tech teams of several hundred people, first to take Talend public, and then as CTO of Ogury.
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Fabrice Bonan

Founding CPO
Co-founder of one of the first French startups listed on Nasdaq, Talend (exit: 2.4B$), Fabrice has proven his outstanding skills in managing and developing new products.
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Dr. Claude Dalle

A world-renowned expert in the field of preventive and anti-aging medicine, Claude has developed a pioneering cross-disciplinary approach to health and wellness in his own practice, now scaled to early members.
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WE LOOK FORWARD to bRingiNg you an incredible experience.

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WE LOOK FORWARD to bRingiNg you an incredible experience.

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